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Morsecode Management Ltd is the proud host a state-of-the-art recording studio and photographic studio space. Since its inception in 2003, our organisation has been committed to providing exceptional quality and professional services, catering to musicians of varying experience levels. Under the supervision of our esteemed Managing Director, Brendan Moon, we ensure optimal output quality. Our studios have been the birthplace of numerous remarkable projects, including those of Paolo Nutini, The View, Bemz, and GUN.

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artist management

Our artist management services are far-reaching and tailored to the specific needs of each artist. Guided by the experienced hand of Brendan Moon, an acknowledged expert in music and media consultancy, we offer an array of services, encompassing public relations and strategic social media management. 

With a proven track record managing artists including Paolo Nutini, The View, Bemz, and GUN, we stand as a staunch advocate for artists, offering comprehensive support and nurturing talent to unleash their full potential.


At Morsecode Management Ltd, we deeply value education and believe in its crucial role in shaping the music industry's future. Brendan Moon, an Associate Lecturer at The University of the West of Scotland and Glasgow University, imparts his extensive knowledge through in-depth in-class and online seminars and lectures at various academic levels. 

His significant contribution to directing and designing a music industry summer school is a testament to our commitment to practical, industry-oriented education. We strive to foster an enriching learning environment, allowing individuals to gain vital skills required in the music industry.

music supervision

In addition to our extensive portfolio of services, Morsecode Management Ltd has an impressive reputation in music supervision. We have the pleasure of announcing our collaboration with Screen Digital Ltd in providing the music synchronisation for the highly anticipated movie, "Damaged." 

This major motion picture features an array of talented actors, including Samuel L Jackson, Vincent Cassel and John Hannah. This new venture, like our previous ones, exemplifies our commitment to aligning the perfect music with the project's narrative, enhancing the overall viewer experience. 

Our director, Brendan Moon, leverages his wealth of industry experience, having worked with a wide array of artists from Shania Twain to Elton John, to provide exceptional supervision services. From sourcing and licensing music to producing bespoke scores, our focus remains on magnifying the overall narrative of any given project.

event promotion

With vast experience in organising and promoting notable festivals such as The Balkan Music Festival and the Wax Lyrical literary festival, we have mastered the art of event promotion. 

Our team understands the nuances of delivering successful events, adeptly managing relationships with venue managers, and meticulously adhering to health and safety requirements. 

Our extensive background in crafting promotional materials for various media outlets and managing relationships with digital platforms ensures comprehensive audience engagement and heightened visibility for each event.

who are morsecode

Founded in 2003, Morsecode Management Ltd is a multi-disciplinary company specialising in arts and event management. Led by Brendan Moon, a PhD candidate at Glasgow University, the company's ethos and approach are shaped by his academic accomplishments and vast industry experience. 

Operating from our headquarters in Hillington, Glasgow, the company was established with a love for music and a mission to alleviate the commercial challenges faced by Scotland's DIY and professional music ecosystems. 

Under Brendan Moon's guidance and our dedicated team, Morsecode Management Ltd continues to deliver unparalleled services in studio management, music production, event planning, and live events. Our commitment is to utilize our wealth of knowledge and industry insights to provide a nurturing environment for artists and ensure the success of each project we undertake.

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